Mosquito Control


Mosquito Control Service

Mosquito Control is a health practice throughout the World. Mosquitoes are found in any open area Mosquitoes spread many diseases as dengue, malaria, chikungunya, and Encephalitis (Brain Fever).

Mosquito treatment is usually an integrated effort involving source reduction plus the use of chemical control products when needed.

Prevention And Cure:

  1. Vegetation Treatments � Applying insecticides to vegetation that adult mosquitoes use for sheltered resting sites.
  2. Water Treatments � Applying insect growth regulators that prevent mosquito development in their water environments.
  3. Prevent Eggs From Hatching � Applying microbial insecticide products that cause mosquito mortality in their water environments.

Residual ULV spray treatment (Misting) for internal and (Fogging) for the external Perimeter

Stop mosquitoes breeding grounds by removing unused buckets, old tiers, Regularly keep your surroundings clean and dry. We spray a Non messy and odourless chemical on the Walls. The mosquito’s sit on the area with the insecticide and die. Every two months this treatment in compulsory

Residual Spraying- Residual Spraying (RS) is the technique of applying a residual deposit of an insecticide onto indoor surfaces where arthropod vectors rest. PASA Pest Control can organize pest inspections for Mosquito and come with AMC services

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