Flies Control


Flies - Pest Control & Prevention

As with the majority of pests, flies are looking for a source of food and a safe place to breed and live. The type of food preferred depends upon the species of fly, but may include:
Meat, animal carcasses, especially those of birds and other small animals/Excrement/Decaying vegetation/Garbage/Fresh fruits and vegetables /Fermenting liquids, such as beer, cider, vinegar and wine

Mode of Treatment:
The treatment is based on preventive control, which is aimed at controlling fly breeding points within your compound area.

  1. Residual spraying treatment
  2. Baiting treatment
  3. Identifying the source of entry and treating the harborage areas
  4. Suggestion on Non chemical fly controls (Fly Trapping Machines, Fly Strips, and Improving sanitation levels to prevent harborages

Flies are important pest and fall into several groups. They mostly live in association of human and their activities and many of these insects have affected man and his welfare for thousands of years.

Some flies are associated with filth and hence their presence is very embarrassing to the home owner. Files hovering around can cause annoyance to anyone; they can be intensely irritating when they settle in swarms on man and beast and may result in production loss in any labor intens ive industry.

Few species offlies are also known to bite and spread diseases to hu man and domestic animals, whereas yet another would simply multiply in fruits or decomposing animal carcasses.

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